Welcome Readers!

Right off the bat, I want to let you know that I appreciate you letting me share my stories with you, and I hope to hear a lot of questions and remarks. I will label topics here so you can skip if you get bored. Being my first post, it will be a little lengthier.

P.S. I hope you pick up on my sometimes ironic tone right way, or things could be a little awkward.

Purpose of Blog (i.e. why you would even want to read it)

I will occasionally post passages from Lookout Butte and the upcoming second novel as I am writing it. I would love to have more interaction with readers. I welcome input, but understand, posts attacking other readers or myself will be deleted. My characters are flawed individuals, and I am a flawed writer. I own it, so just no front-stabbing, please. Back-stabbing… we’ll see.

In just a few days, I will soon start posting weekly segments of my short fiction piece called Chickenshit: Or How a City Girl Does Country All Wrong. Starting with Crisis #1, Billie Hatcher’s sheer ineptitude will make you want to shake your head and wonder how people like her get by in this world. Her girlfriend, Ton-ton, has done an unforgiveable thing, her career path is getting fucked with, and now, her father’s death could rearrange all of Billie’s plans. At 22, she is ill-prepared for making decisions that could affect the rest of her life, the lives of other people, and the future of a small farm in Southern Idaho.

Me, Rambling on About Writing

I have been a writer for thirty-something years in the way that many of you may be an avid swimmer or dog walker (or maybe a writer, too), with an occasional article being published here or there. I am constantly drawn to it, but I have told myself that practicality, fear of failure, fear of success, and other commitments were adequate reasons to avoid writing. The process of writing Lookout Butte has confirmed a creative drive in me that I can no longer push down and ignore. Much like the liberation I felt when coming out, having done this and survived, I cannot go back to pretending this side of my life does not matter. It matters a great deal to me, and I hope the characters and stories I present have some impact, if only to entertain a reader who is looking for LGBTQ characters who live real lives, feel real pain, and don’t always die in some horribly salacious manner. (This has happened in so many books and movies, up to the movie I watched two days ago.)

Plugging Ways to Buy My Book

Lookout Butte is now available on Kindle and Amazon (Matchbook allows you to add the ebook for .99). The paperback is also for sale on CreateSpace, and I get a larger return on each book sold from them.  I keep some copies on hand, in case you prefer buying the book in person and/or having me sign it. Please come to one of my events or contact me directly if you would like a copy from me.


Where I’ll Be

My partner and I have a used books/farm booth at the Ontario (Oregon) Saturday Market most weekends, and my first book signing will be there this Saturday, August 19th, from 10 a.m. to sometime after 5 p.m. If the music’s good and we’re not exhausted, we might stay later. I will post any upcoming events or signings here and on Facebook.

I would not say Ontario is the height of diversity, but I haven’t encountered any negativity here since we started our booth a few weeks ago. In some ways, the lack of diversity makes me want to participate here even more than in more urban areas (another reason I would like to see you there). That, and it is the community where my family lives and I want to support it.

I have a signing in the works for Boise, possibly next month.


Me and Lucy