Volume 3 : Summer Squash

Billie’s garden is growing. Peppers are popping. Lettuce and tomatoes abound. Squash and melon vines spill over into the yard, and Billie is doing her best not to kill anything.

But every garden comes with a few weeds and pests. Some are harmless, more annoying than anything, but some are noxious, persistent, and intent on destruction. As Billie starts to put down roots in Milepost, with her girlfriend, Jodie, good friends, and helpful neighbors at her side, some unwelcome intruders want to make trouble for her and Jodie.

In the garden, she can just pull the weeds or feed the bugs to the chickens. With people, it’s not that easy.

How will Billie and Jodie deal with a woman who wants to get Jodie fired and run Billie out of town? And when they suspect Billie’s farm has been targeted, can they ever feel safe and know it won’t happen again?

On top of all this, Billie has to say goodbye to this year’s goats. Geez.



Volume 2 : Just Hatched

Now that Billie has made her choice to run the farm, it’s time roll up her sleeves and get to work.

Baby chicks and goats want to be fed. Gardens need to be planted and tended. And Billie seems up for the task.

As the farm teems with life, Billie goes after her chores with zeal and tenacity, as her dad did before her. But, unlike her dad, Billie’s no hermit. Before long, the farm has more visitors than ever, but the one person Billie wants in her bed insists on taking things slow, to grow their relationship from the ground up. Dates, day trips, and working with friends on the farm give Billie and Jodie time to get to know each other’s virtues and vices before they are in over their heads. Soon, Billie will learn that nature works on its own schedule.



Volume 1: How a City Girl Does Country All Wrong

Billie’s life is right on track. Solid. She has a girlfriend to hang out with and an internship to build her resume until she goes back to U Dub next fall. But when her girlfriend bails on her and she inherits her dad’s farm in Milepost, Idaho, you could knock her over with a feather.

Milepost is a world away from Seattle in more ways than one. There’s no good coffee, the locals are a mixed bag, and there is no social life whatsoever. As for the farm - the chickens try her patience, everything she owns is covered in poop, and the goats may prove her undoing. There’s no doubt she is in over her head just getting the place ready to sell, and her mom and best friend are frustratingly supportive without giving her any answers. Luckily, she has help from a hired man of sorts, an attorney she happens to be named after, a gorgeous librarian/cowgirl, and a bunch of people she doesn’t even know.

The road to making a decision is definitely rocky, and soon she begins to ask herself: How can she go back to the big city after being down on the farm?

Lookout Butte

Love can be hard in Atlanta.

When women are throwing themselves at her girlfriend, it’s hard for Alex not to be jealous. And when Alex is busy with work and school all the time, Kat starts to get lonely.

Alex is a Connecticut bleeding-heart liberal, and Kat is a self-proclaimed Georgia redneck who tends bar in a gay nightclub, but they have a lot in common. Both women have family issues to resolve before they can take the next steps in their lives. Alex has to process the guilt of her brother’s death she has carried since childhood, and Kat must figure out if her hick family will accept her relationship with Alex and if their future kids would be welcomed in, too. And they both have big career decisions to make.

As if that’s not enough to contend with, when a client disappears from the Louise Ellis Group Home where Alex works, their lives are turned upside down. Will Alex and Kat fall apart, or will they conquer their fears and build a new life together?

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