Introducing My New Short Fiction Piece

Hello, everyone!

To answer my last posed question, my partner and I, along with our son, sat out in the garden, next to the chicken coops and watched the eclipse. We had 1 minute, 46 seconds of totality, and I wish it could last forever. As the light diminished, the temperature dropped, and a gentle shade fell across the melon patch, we three sat in amazement, experiencing a phenomenal event together. I took some photos with my phone, more to remind me of the day than to represent anything. Several images of the corona and crescent shapes scattered across the ground have appeared online that make my camera’s images look like crayon drawings. The shadows seen falling on our garden could be from any sunset, the goats peeking out of the barn could be any morning, although on that day it was at the wrong time. But every time I look at MY photos, I will go back to that experience of blazing sun giving way to cool shade, returning to blazing sun, all within the matter of a few minutes. I will remember the three of sitting there with those ridiculous glasses plastered to our faces saying “Ohhh” in unison as totality gave way. What a beautiful moment to share! Sorry for being sappy.

To celebrate the release of my first novel, Lookout Butte, on Amazon and Kindle, I am kicking off a short fiction piece called Chickenshit: Or How a City Girl Does Country All Wrong. I will share it today in a separate post.

The story begins with our hero, Billie Hatcher, an urban recent college grad, coming back to a home she left when she was only four, to a father she barely knows. He is dying. Her life in Seattle is in shambles and she is not just at a crossroads in her life, but a ten lane interchange with merge lanes, tolls, and roundabouts. Life is complicated; it doesn’t lob one ball at you at a time. Billie is facing a lot of curve balls she is just not prepared for. I hope you like it.

I appreciate your interest in my blog. I see where a bunch of you have signed up to follow my blog, but I noticed there were no comments. I went in and checked the settings and found the comment function was turned off. I think it is fixed now, so please send your comments. Sorry, my lack of IT skills is a stumbling block. Maybe that will be a plot point I will use in the future.

Until next time.

2 thoughts on “Introducing My New Short Fiction Piece”

  1. Hi Amy!!!!!
    Wow, just look at how far you have come since we worked together! I had no idea that you were doing anything like this. I love it!
    Good luck with everything Amy. You deserve to be happy.

    Your friend,
    Sharon Brasley

    1. Hi Sharon,

      Thanks for your kind words. You deserve happiness more than anyone I know. I hope you enjoy my stories. I miss our little team…sometimes! 🙂

      Your friend,
      Amy Stinnett

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