Columbia River Blues

Elliot and I hungrily slurped down our meal, as the weather station on the radio told us about the much needed snow pack and the upcoming week’s highs and lows. I was surprised how comfortable
it was, just eating and listening to the reports. We were so glad to be out of the cold, and the stew tasted like a steaming bowl of heaven. I think I would have eaten it if the bags had said “baby rhino” or “fly larvae” on them.

– Chickenshit: Crisis #3 Steaming Bowl of Heaven

In Crisis #3, Billie digs in and gets her hands dirty. She starts to get to let her dad’s presence sink in.

Chickenshit – Or: How a City Girl Does Country All Wrong is Volume I of a series. Available  now on Kindle, and soon on Amazon paperback. The next volume will be published in Spring/Summer of 2018.

Last week, before Steph and I went on our monthly feed run to Brownsville, we were fortunate to get away to Astoria, one of my favorite places on earth, for a much needed two day break from editing and book promotion. It is so much easier to go there in the off season when the costs are way down, and so are the lines. It was about ten degrees warmer than home and time spent at 3 Cups Coffee seems of higher quality, somehow. I would lament not being able to ride the trolley, but we got to risk life and limb on the overlook to watch a vehicles carriers called Capricornus Leader go by. Steph leaning way out over the railing to take pictures and me clinging to the center posts for dear life, as frigid gusts and choppy waters caused the whole structure to sway back and forth. Way better than a pleasant, poky ride down the couple of miles of waterfront and back. And it’s cool to look these boats up online and see where they have been and where they are going. This one was sitting high in the water (so no or little cargo) and was headed down the Columbia. You can just make out the river pilot attempting to board, but the waters were so choppy they had to follow the ship into the lee of Tongue point to finally make it aboard. I can’t wait until we get back to Astoria.

Anyway, the trip was enjoyable, and we even brainstormed a couple of ideas for novels and wrote a couple of entries in a joint project we are working on.

Now we are back and at the whole writing thing again. The paperback of Chickenshit should be out … Any. Day. Now.