Because You Can’t Have Just One

Chickenshit – Volume 2 Just Hatched is now available on Kindle and in Amazon paperback.
And because you can’t have just one …
Volume 1 (read the cover for inordinately long title) and my debut novel, Lookout Butte, are on Kindle for .99 cents this week only. So, for less than $5, granted only 2 cents less, you can have Volumes 1 and 2 of Chickenshit. But, I wouldn’t mind if you gave me your 2 cents, as well.      LOL
(The sale extends to the UK, as well.)
Note for Avid Readers:
Now, if you’ve stuck with me thus far, you may be curious enough to follow my logic as to why getting both books right now is such a great idea. Here goes. If you read the first two volumes now and want more, the next book will be out, not six months from now, not a year from now, but on July 1st. That’s only three months away, plenty of time for you to speculate about the characters but not so long that you will forget them. Then in three more months, plenty of time for you to think Why did I even bother? How many times will she use the word ‘presumably’? Why does the writer hate her protagonist so much? Oh, but wait, the next title looks encouraging, but I fell for that already. BAM! Volume 4 will be out. Presumably on October 1st. So, rather than binge read all four books in October, when you’re just cycling into your winter depression, you can tease them out when you are on a serotonin-induced high and finish the story before the pre-pre-holiday blues set in. Makes sense, right? Thanks for sticking with me.
Also, coming soon. Pre-sale for Volume 3 will begin as soon as the cover art is finished.