Coherent Thoughts! Get Your Coherent Thoughts Here!

For weeks I have been preoccupied with first completing and publishing Volume 3 and now completing Volume 4 of the Chickenshit Series, due out October 1st. In between writing sessions, there have been farm chores, feed runs, hospital and doctor’s office trips, and a couple of festivals where I had a booth to run. Not being much of a multi-tasker, my blog went to the wayside.

Starting the first week of October, I will be back at it in full force. I have a surprise collaborative project those of you who have young children will enjoy, plus updates on my next work in progress. With the final book in the Chickenshit Series pending release, I  feel like I should throw a birthday party or shower or something. Maybe not a shower, though.

Last week, I did an interview with Chris Hollaway, for his blog, Sleeping Wyvvern. Chris is an amazing sci-fi/fantasy writer, and we have had many conversations on many of the aspects of writing – creativity, methods, tech, marketing, and promotion. Chris is someone I could talk with for hours about dozens of topics. The interview touches on my current projects, inspirations, and influences.

Here’s the link if you should need to type it in:

Also, be sure to check out Chris’s Blademage Saga and other works before you leave.

First novel of the Blademage Saga