Lookout Butte


Love can be hard in Atlanta.

When women are throwing themselves at her girlfriend, it’s hard for Alex not to be jealous. And when Alex is busy with work and school all the time, Kat starts to get lonely.

Alex is a Connecticut bleeding-heart liberal, and Kat is a self-proclaimed Georgia redneck who tends bar in a gay nightclub, but they have a lot in common. Both women have family issues to resolve before they can take the next steps in their lives. Alex has to process the guilt of her brother’s death she has carried since childhood, and Kat must figure out if her hick family will accept her relationship with Alex and if their future kids would be welcomed in, too. And they both have big career decisions to make.

As if that’s not enough to contend with, when a client disappears from the Louise Ellis Group Home where Alex works, their lives are turned upside down. Will Alex and Kat fall apart, or will they conquer their fears and build a new life together?

Amy Stinnett grew up in a small town in Tennessee. By a circuitous route, she completed her degree, made two cross country moves, and raised a child  She has written short stories and articles that focus on LGBTQ relationships and coming of age, edited an LGBTQ newspaper, and edited works for other writers

Amy has lived in Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Idaho, and Eugene, Oregon. She now lives in Ontario, Oregon with her partner, Stephanie, and their son, Phil, along with their two dogs, cat, nine goats, and too many chickens to count.

Cropped Amy at 300 dpi(1)

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